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Help Carolina Tiger Rescue feed our animals! Annually, our food fund is about $80,000.  If we are able to raise $10,000 this year through the Great Human Race then we can supply food for the lions, tigers and other animals for over a month!

Please visit www.CarolinaTigerRescue.org for more information! Check out www.facebook.com/CarolinaTigerRescue for some great pictures and updates!

Carolina Tiger Rescue is working toward the day when:

  • wildcats are not owned by individuals as pets
  • wildcats are not used for entertainment purposes
  • no trade exists for wildcats or their parts
  • all wildcats prosper in sustainable, native habitats

To achieve our mission, Carolina Tiger Rescue:

  • rescues wildcats
  • provides lifelong sanctuary for wildcats
  • educates the public about the plight of wildcats in captivity and in the wild
  • conducts non-invasive research to further understand and aid wildcats
  • advocates for action to maintain wildcats in sustainable native habitats, or when that is not a viable option, for the respectful, humane treatment of them in captivity.

RACE DATE:Saturday, March 28, 2015 (rain or shine)
LOCATION: Northgate Mall (near Sears Automotive)
DAY OF RACE REGISTRATION: Begins at 7:00 a.m.
5K RACE START TIME: 8:30 a.m.
WALK START TIME: Immediately following the runners
No charge to walk, runner registration fee is required.
Our Page: https://thevolunteercenter.givebig.org/c/TBR/a/carolinatigerrescue-vcgd
Individuals can create their own pages to help raise money from friends and family.  Donations of checks and cash are also accepted. Information follows.
How you can help beforehand and on race day:
1.  Send an email to your friends and families letting them know about our GHR Team’s special fundraising page.  We’ve included sample text on our fundraising page that you can use in your email.  The page is at https://thevolunteercenter.givebig.org/c/TBR/a/carolinatigerrescue-vcgd.  People can go to this page to watch a video about some of our latest rescues, see what their donations can buy, and they can make a donation if they wish.  This is also a really fun way for family and friends to support you!
2.  Share the link through Facebook if you have an account.  Go to https://thevolunteercenter.givebig.org/c/TBR/a/carolinatigerrescue-vcgd and click the Facebook link near the top of the page.  The more we get the word out, the better!  It’s a simple and easy way to share it with your friends and to share our own Facebook page, www.facebook.com/CarolinaTigerRescue.  We’d be happy to have more walkers or fundraisers!
3.  Create your own team member page!  Go to https://thevolunteercenter.givebig.org/c/TBR/a/carolinatigerrescue-vcgd.  Look to the red button on the right and click “Become a Fundraiser!”  You will be guided through simple steps to create your own team member page, which will be linked to our team page.  Even if you can’t join us on race day, you can still create a team member page and be part of our fundraising team. 

Let people know you’re part of the Carolina Tiger Rescue family and show your support for our GHR Team!  Using personal stories or your own pictures with the animals is a really effective way to fundraise.  Feel free to copy the sample text from our page or my page or to email me for new ideas! If you need help setting up an online page, just ask and I’d be happy to help you out.
4.  Pick up materials here at Carolina Tiger and do some foot-powered fundraising.  Grab a brochure or 2 and share information on Carolina Tiger Rescue.
5.  Join us on race day!  If you want to register to run in the event, go to http://www.thevolunteercenter.org/tp42/page.asp?ID=143674 and click on “Runner Registration”.  Use the code cartiger to rase a few extra dollars for us!

You don’t have to register to come out and walk with us, only if you want to run.  You can also register to run by picking up a brochure here at Carolina Tiger.  We’ll be sending out more information for those who want to walk with us on race day, so please reply to this message and let me know if you want more details about walking.  You can even make a donation when you register to run.  To walk though is free!
The easiest way to help out is by sharing our page (https://thevolunteercenter.givebig.org/c/TBR/a/carolinatigerrescue-vcgd)!  This is a helpful way to share Carolina Tiger with groups you might know of…think other clubs, interest groups, churches, co-workers, workplaces, distant relatives or even strangers!  Just direct them to your fundraising page or the Carolina Tiger page.

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