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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Great Human Race?

The Great Human Race is a nationwide community fundraising event for nonprofit organizations. The Triangle area race features a 5k competitive run and a 5k community walk. The event provides an opportunity for any nonprofit agency, school or faith based organization to raise money for their programs and enables businesses and individuals to support the nonprofit of their choice. Participating nonprofit organizations receive 75-85% of monies collected the remaining is used to coordinate and stage the event. 


What does the Triangle Nonprofit & Volunteer Leadership Center (TNVLC) do?

TNVLC strengthens the community by supporting nonprofit organizations and the services they provide through volunteerism and civic leadership. The Great Human Race is only one example of how the center serves as a collaborative hub linking nonprofits, individuals, businesses and organizations to make a positive impact on the entire community. The Center is responsible for all aspects of the Great Human Race. 


Why should a business or individual sponsor your nonprofit organization?

Be prepared to communicate your goal to others.  Keep it simple, clear, and feel good about your involvement.  What needs does your organization meet?  What services do you provide?  Who benefits?  Communicate the strengths of your nonprofit clearly so that potential sponsors understand its importance to the community.


How will making a pledge to the Great Human Race benefit a business or individual?

It’s a good feeling to be part of an event that benefits the whole community.  It’s fun.  It’s a positive way to help and it’s guaranteed to succeed.  With this single event, hundreds of nonprofits are able to fundraise for their services which are so vital to our area.  Invite your pledge-givers to come to Race Day and participate in the walk or simply enjoy the festivities. Everyone is sure to have fun and leave feeling great!!!

What does "Become a Fundraiser" mean?

Simply put, you help raise money for the nonprofit of your choice. You can campaign! You can use the search bar to find a nonprofit, then click "Become a Fundraiser" on their page. You can set up a personalized page, including photos and stories about why you're participating in the GHR!