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The Triangle Nonprofit & Volunteer Leadership Center's 24th annual GREAT HUMAN RACE is a 5k run and community walk that supports area nonprofits.

This unique fundraising event supports hundreds of nonprofits, schools and faith-based groups.

Choose a topic below or search by name.

Please help us raise more funds for area nonprofits than ever before! The GREAT HUMAN RACE has raised over $3 million since its inception in 1996.

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Register for the race - you can run or walk it matters not, just participate! 


Animals - Non-profits that promote better quality of life for animals through wildlife protection and welfare services, animal/veterinary services, zoos and aquariums

Arts, Culture and Humanities

Arts, Culture and Humanities - Non-profits that benefit the visual arts, libraries, museums, performing arts and public broadcasting

Children and Youth

Children and Youth - Non-profits that help children and youth through mentoring, scouting organizations, mentoring, adoption services and youth development programs

Community Building and Social Action

Community Building and Social Action - Non-profits that concentrate on community and neighborhood development, volunteerism, voter education and registration, civil rights and advocacy

Economic Development

Economic Development - Non-profits that assist with financial wellness, employment, job training and preparedness, microfinance and rural and urban development

Education -

Education - - Non-profits that represent education including primary schools, colleges and universities, vocational and technical schools, libraries and adult education

Environment -

Environment - - Non-profits that help preserve our natural environment including pollution abatement and control, conservation and protection, environmental beautification and education

Health & Human Services

Health & Human Services - Non-profits that further the medical community and public health issues through hospitals, physical and mental health support, disease prevention and management, disaster relief and more.

International, Foreign Affairs, and National Sec -

International, Foreign Affairs, and National Sec - - Non-profits who work with causes including international development, human rights, peace and security, affairs and foreign policy.

Faith Based

Faith Based - Non-profits involving, supported by or inspired by religion and faith

Science and Technology

Science and Technology - Non-profits that focus on physical and earth sciences, engineering and technology, and biological and life sciences


Seniors - Non-profits that focus on populations 55 years and older such and elder care and programs for the aging