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Magoo was found alone on an I-85 rest stop by a Good Samaritan who called the IAR office. IAR took Magoo, who was only 3-4 weeks old, was very sick and needed bottle feeding.

Magoo had a severe upper respiratory infection (URI), and it had resulted in swelling of his eyelids such that they had fused together with scar tissue. His nose and eyes were both stuffy and drippy. Our theory is that he got separated from his mother and siblings because he could not see or smell them.

Magoo responded to TLC and recovered from his illness. But his eyelids were still fused due to scar tissue. Animal Eye Care operated on his eyes when he was about 9 months old to open up his eyes. If they operate too early the eyelids will just fuse again. If they wait too long then Magoo's brain wouldn't be able to make sense of his new ability to see.

The surgery was a success although his eyes will always be a bit small looking. He continues to have “productive sneezes” because of scar tissue in his sinuses. He adores all other cats and dogs and has “helped” foster many kittens. For some reason he was overlooked for adoption for almost 2 years.

Then IAR got an application from a young woman who lives alone with her “diva” calico. We told her about Magoo's habits: "He likes to suck on your shirt seams, he has weepy eyes and he sneezes enormous boogers". She said, "Perfect! I'll take him!"

Magoo now lives in downtown Durham and plays with his calico sister and sleeps on his mom’s chest. She adores him!

Sponsoring me and Independent Animal Rescue in the Great Human Race means supporting animals like Magoo, who come into foster care after being found sick and alone in the community. Without organizations like Independent Animal Rescue, they wouldn't have a chance at a better life.

Every donation makes a difference in the life of animals like Magoo.


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What a sweet story and pictures!


You're the best Gina!


In honor of the best goose catcher I know!


Thank You Gina for all your work!