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   I have been volunteering with IAR for 7 years. I have screened adoption applications, coordinated the fundraising team and now I sit on the board of directors. The thing I am most proud of is our community education program, which I revitalized about 4 years ago and also now coordinate. About once a month I get to visit local elementary schools to talk to kids about the importance of adoption, taking great care of pets, how to be safe around pets, breed discrimination (love the pit bulls!), and how kids can advocate for animals.

We are 100% volunteer-run which means that all of the money we receive through fundraisers like the Great Human Race goes to the care of our rescue animals and support programs, such as community spay and neuter. Our volunteers work all hours of the day, every day of the year - there is no break. For every one cat or dog that gets recued and adopted out, there are 50 more waiting to take that spot. It never gets easier, but every life saved matters and keeps us going. Please help us help as many as we can by sponsoring me with a donation today!

Our pets love us unconditionally and we are their entire world. Even so, some people neglect them, abuse them ... abandon them. The animals in our community live with the choices we make and they live in the world we create around them. Let's step up and stand for those who suffer in silence. If everyone had to be at the shelter on euthanasia day or had to experience finding an abused dog thrown away like trash and left to die...the need for change would be overwhelmingly clear to anyone who needs convincing.  

We can fix this.
Our mission is to rescue and our goal is that someday, we won't have to.

I have been participating in the great human race for 6 years, now, and this is the first year I'm going to miss race day. I'll be visiting my grandmother in California. BUT I will definitely be there in spirit and my spirit would appreciate your support. Most of all, the animals awaiting rescue will appreciate your support. Thanks all :-)

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