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Threshold Clubhouse

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Threshold is a Clubhouse dedicated to helping adults with serious mental illness. 

We provide education, training, and support in a variety of life skills to facilitate the growth and independence of our members. 
Members are actively involved in all aspects of the Clubhouse and assist with the daily assignment and completion of operational tasks. 

WORK ORDERED DAY: As part of Threshold's rehabilitative program, members participate in one or more of the Units within the Clubhouse. All unit work is designed to develop pre-vocational and independent living skills for our members. 

TRANSITIONAL EMPLOYMENT: Threshold offers various strategies to help support members who wish to access paid work opportunities in the community including closely monitored Transitional Employment and Supported Employment. Through employment members gain self-esteem, their talents are recognized, they have the chance to develop new relationships and earn their own money.

EDUCATION: Threshold offers Educational classes for our members who wish to further their educational goals.

FUN: Even though we work and study hard, we still know how to have a good time around Durham!

I come to Threshold because I have a get lots of support, help, and I have a family there.
– Jasmine, member since 2006

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