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Two ducks swimming in a pond
Piedmont Farm Animal Refuge provides lifelong care to rescued farm animals, educates people about the realities of animal agriculture, and promotes veganism by offering knowledge, support, and community.

Located in Pittsboro, NC, the Refuge is home to over 120 rescued chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese, sheep, and goats who come from lives of abuse, neglect and abandonment. These animals find peace and protection on 20 acres of pasture and woods where they are provided with top notch, lifelong care. As the Refuge grows we will expand to provide homes for rescued pigs and cows.

Ways you can help:
1) Register to run in the Great Human Race 5K, enter our referral code PFA20, and we'll receive $5.
2) Donate.
3) Share this page.
4) Become a fundraiser! You can share why you're raising money for the Refuge on your personalized fundraiser page and encourage people within your network to donate.

Learn more about the work you'll be supporting below.

Animal-centered architecture:
At the Refuge, we believe that attention to the individual needs of our rescued residents should expand beyond their healthcare and diet and we are proud of our animal-centered architecture. By learning about the needs, wants, and natural environments of each animal, we strive to construct their homes the way the animals would if they could build them for themselves. 

Some of our residents' stories:
A brown and white baby goat laying next to a larger white goat A brown a white goat eating grass
Moscato and her daughter Wisteria survived two terrifying dog attacks in an urban backyard, but their herd mates were not so lucky. Shaken and with non-life threatening wounds, they came to live at the Refuge 4 years ago. Since arriving, Moscato and Wisteria have made friends with other goats and Wisteria has grown up to be a confident and inquisitive goat.

Two young white turkeysJason and Joey were found after falling off a truck. Sadly, being born into industrial agriculture, they were de-toed to prevent aggression in the extremely small spaces they are given on factory farms which means they are not able to scratch in the dirt and will likely suffer chronic pain in their feet, especially as they grow and age. Luckily for them, they are now in their forever home at the Refuge where they are provided with proper care, comfort, and love. They are extremely curious and friendly and love having visitors. They have recently moved in with one of our older turkeys, Jordan, who's showing them the ropes of being a turkey at the Refuge.
Butterscotch (left) and Madeline (right) are two chickens who live in our special needs aviary. Butterscotch was born with a spinal deformity and has remained small, even as an adult. Madeline originally lived in a backyard with a flock of chicken friends. When old age and predators left her as the only remaining chicken, she came to live at the Refuge. Madeline was very timid around other chickens at the Refuge and was not fitting in well, so she was relocated to live with Butterscotch, and the two of them are now very close! Butterscotch and Madeline also live with another hen, Alfalfa, and Percy, a rooster with one leg.

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