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Hope-Connection International helps people in crisis through the healing process by providing a safe environment for them to connect and share their hurts, find peace, and ultimately be restored as healthy, contributing members of our society.

While helping victims who need support, Hope's larger mission is to provide a safe place for victims to escape their abusers, and have access to resources to help them start a new life. 

The Problem  
Domestic Violence is the third leading cause of homelessness among families in the United States. North Carolina has a tremendous need for extended care housing for victims, yet so few of them exist.

For many of the people Hope-Connection sponsors, a temporary shelter is not enough. They need supplimental support and care to make life-long changes and build a solid, healthy future.

The Solution
HCI is in the process of launching a residential transitional housing center for victims of domestic violence involving children and women in distress. The Hope Center will provide victims:
- A safe place to live for up to 2 years
- Classes for emotional healing and spiritual growth
- Ongoing support groups and accountability
- Counseling
- Life skills and relationship education
- High School completion classes or online college courses
- Career training / job placement
- Support and care for child survivors
- Resolution to medical and legal issues
- Driver's license and insurance capability
- Assistance for survivors to overcome any other obstacles which prevent a healthy future
Your Help
Your donation can make the difference for a victim having to choose between going homeless or staying in an abusive relationship, and offer them a safe haven where they can get help.



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