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Thomas Mentor Leadership Academy

Thomas Mentor Leadership Academy (TMLA) is a 501(c3) nonprofit group mentoring organization. Our mission is to guide males between the ages of 9 and 18 who are being raised by a single parent, single legal guardian or their grandparent(s) into mentoring relationships. (Must be enrolled between the ages of 9 and 14).  

raised $25.00

VOANS Senior CommUnity Care of North Carolina

Senior CommUnity Care of North Carolina is a comprehensive health care program for seniors living in Wake, Durham and select zip codes in Granville counties. The mission of our organization is to "enhance the quality of life and independence for 55+ adults by providing services, which help them stay in their own community and in their own residence".

raised $10.00

You Can Vote

You Can Vote is a grassroots coalition working to inform citizens of their right to vote and to help them overcome perceived barriers to voting in North Carolina.We train and mobilize volunteers to educate, register, and empower all North Carolina citizens to successfully cast their ballot. 

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