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Sister Cities of Durham, Inc

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Sister Cities of Durham, North Carolina
Arusha-Tanzania, Durham-UK, Kavala-Greece, Kostroma-Russia, Toyama-Japan, Zhuzhou-China

Our Sister Cities are famous for Mountains and Waterways. They are linked with famous mountains such as Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt. Meru,  in Tanzania,  the Wulingyuan Unesco World Heritage Site near Zhuzhou,  the Japanese Southern Alps near Toyama,  and with famous waterways such as the Volga River for Kostroma, the North Sea for Durham, England, and the Aegean Sea for Kavala.

Sister Cities International celebrated their 60th Anniversary in 2016, based on President Eisenhower's goal of "Citizen Diplomacy" with "people to people contacts" around the world at his White House Summit in 1956.   Durham started its Sister Cities journey in 1975 with a signing with Durham, England.  This was formalized by associating with Sister Cities International in 1989 with Durham, England, Toyama, Japan and Kostroma, Russia.  In 1991 we added Arusha, Tanzania, In 2012 we added Zhuzhou, China and Kavala, Greece in 2017. 
We also have two Friendship Cities in China --Kunshan and Xianning.

The mission of Sister Cities is to promote Peace through mutual respect, understanding and cooperation -- One Individual, One Community at a time. 


Kavala, Greece is now officially our 6th Sister City with Durham!

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