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Rebound, Alternatives For Youth

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Rebound is a non-profit that provides community-based alternatives for high schools students who are on, or at risk of, short-term suspension from Durham high schools.  We work with students and their schools to reduce the negative impact of out-of-school suspensions, and to stop suspensions before they happen.  Rebound champions interventions that RESPECT, EMPOWER, and RESTORE.


Rebound builds a community of support around students and families, both during and after a suspension. As a community-based agency, Rebound provides a central place in which students can access support from a variety of community agencies and institutions. 



  • Rebound provides positive activities that focus on students’ strengths and resiliency. 
  • Individual and group counseling sessions are designed to encourage students to think and talk about their sources of strengths: their abilities, their talents, the people who love them, their short-term goals, and their hopes and dreams for the future.  
  • Students who come to REBOUND are not counted absent from school, and often are able to reduce the length of their suspension by participating. 
  • Students who are engaged in positive ways improve their abilities to overcome obstacles and are empowered to reach their personal goals.
  • Students are provided a meal. 
  • Students are provided access to a Durham Public Schools teacher who oversees their schoolwork and interacts with their base teacher

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