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Preston's League is a 501 C-3 charitable organization committed to providng basic necessities to patients and their families through a weekly wish list proram within the Duke Pediatric Bone Marrow Department (DPBMT).  The Weekly Wishlist Program will provide all pediatric bone marrow patients and their caregivers with an opportunity to request items that they would like to receive (e.g. snacks, toys, clothes, toiletries, blankets).  This enables patients and their families to obtain basic necessities needed to make their extended hospital stay more manageable.
More specifically, we receive the patient's wishlists ($25 allowance) each week.  Preston's League volunteers then go shopping for all these families.  By week's end, Preston's League volunteers deliver requested items back to each child's room.  The primary benefit is that these families can avoid wasting precious family time shopping for things that they really need or want, while also relieving them of some of the financial burdens not covered by insurance.  
Patients and their families are told to expect to stay in the hospital for 65 consecutive days at the start of transplant.  Preston spent 498 days inpatient over the course of 2 1./2 years.  
Preston's League is committed to fulfilling weekly wish lists for all 16 rooms, every week of the year equaling 832 rooms a year.  

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