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Piedmont Farm Animal Refuge

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A white goat laying next to a smiling human

Spending time with Jasmine during my morning animal care volunteer shift. Jasmine was rescued from a backyard butchery operation in upstate New York along with almost 200 other animals who were found neglected and starving.

Hi everyone! I’ve been a volunteer with Piedmont Farm Animal Refuge for four years. I’ve done animal care, planned and tabled at events, worked on construction projects, been a summer camp counselor, created social media content, and I currently serve as president of our board of directors.

Piedmont Farm Animal Refuge is home to over 120 animals rescued from cases of abuse, neglect, and abandonment. These chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese, goats, and sheep are provided with lifelong sanctuary and the highest level of care, including enriching environments designed with their unique needs in mind. The Refuge is almost entirely volunteer run -- we have only two paid part-time staff members.

A white duck investigating the hand of a human crouched next to them

Spending time with Dexter during my morning animal care volunteer shift. Dexter was dumped on a pond and a snapping turtle grabbed hold of his foot and dragged him around for over an hour until they released him. He quickly swam to shore and an onlooker contacted the Refuge, where he now happily lives with 3 other ducks and 3 geese.

This is our first year participating in the Great Human Race, a fundraiser featuring a 5K run and a 5K community walk on Saturday, March 28 in Durham. There are many ways you can help! The Refuge is looking for walkers, runners (use the code PFA20 and we’ll get a $5 referral), fundraisers, and donors to help us achieve our fundraising goal of $5,000!

The Refuge is an incredible place whose mission is dear to my heart. It is a sanctuary for both the animals who live there as well as those who visit. It’d mean a lot to me if folks could contribute as they’re able and share with others!

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