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North Carolina Business Council

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We advocate for North Carolinians who want a better place to live, work, operate a business and create jobs.


The North Carolina Business Council connects and empowers business leaders to build a healthy, resilient economy that benefits all North Carolinians.


  • Small businesses are the major driver of a healthy North Carolina economy.
  • Business leaders motivated by enlightened self-interest (doing well by doing good) act in the best interest of all North Carolinians.
  • Responsible economic development raises the standard of living of all North Carolinians.
  • Companies that are growing and creating jobs should lead the way in developing fair and balanced tax policy.
  • Good environmental policies enhance businesses at the forefront of job creation and attract desirable industries.
  • Investments in education and infrastructure will yield an innovative and prosperous citizenry.
  • Promoting North Carolina’s local products and services strengthens our economy, raises wages, and builds in-state wealth.
  • Clean energy and green building are economic development and job growth opportunities that improve health and quality of life for North Carolinians.
  • Business leaders have a social responsibility to improve the environment in which we live and work, thereby improving the health of citizens. 

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