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I support the Durham Literacy Center

Durham Literacy Center - Race to Read

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You can help transform lives!!
It's hard to imagine that over 10,000 Durham residents live below the poverty line and are functionally illiterate, limiting their ability to advance in society.  At the same time, Durham's immigrant population has increased over 80%, and many new residents lack the English skills necessary to successfully integrate into society.

As many of you know, Gerry has been working with the Durham Literacy Center (DLC) in various ways since 2008.  She joined the organization as a volunteer tutor, and soon realized she loved it.  Gerry started out tutoring GED students.  Then she moved to teaching the ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) students.  She loves teaching the beginners.  In ESOL, the students are taught "survival skills" - the basics of English - since it takes many years to become proficient in English.  Most of them work 2 jobs, have families here with them, and then come at the end of their day to learn their new language.  Talk about work life balance!  We don't know that we could do all they do.   Some of them have no families here.  Some are refugees with stories that could break your heart.....the stories that you read about in the news....only they personalize it for you. 

Since 1985, the DLC has...
  • Provided literacy services to more than 12,000 Durham residents
  • Trained more than 1,200 volunteer tutors
  • Served more than 100 families in our bilingual family literacy program
  • Provided critical education to refugees from more than 20 countries
At the DLC, every dollar counts:
  • $100 will buy instructional materials for one ESOL class
  • $75 will buy books for one teen GED student
  • $50 will buy instructional materials for one Adult Literacy pair
  • $25 will buy training materials for one volunteer tutor
  • $20 will buy a 1-month bus pass for one student
I know times are tough.  If you cannot give monetarily, then please donate to our cause by either saying a prayer or donating some of your time.  Everything is appreciated and it all does make a difference.

Please support us as we  Walk for Literacy  on April 6th at The Great Human Race!

To learn more about DLC’s programs please visit their website: www.durhamliteracy.org

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