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Durham Community Preschool

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Durham Community Preschool (DCP) is a half-day, play-based, non-profit preschool committed to serving families of every race, ethnicity, religion, family structure, and background. We provide high-quality, nurturing care in an atmosphere that teaches our children to participate in and care for their greater community.

We are thrilled to be participating in our third Great Human Race and have set our fundraising goal at $3200.  To meet this goal, we are asking for sponsorships from DCP families, friends, and community donors. Each dollar that DCP raises from the Great Human Race will be used to support our teachers, our classrooms, and our kids!  
There are several ways your donations will be used to improve our program.  Our wish-list includes:

$10 buys a puzzle
$20 buys 2 books for the school library
$35 buys a new career costume for dramatic play
$50 buys a new resource book for parents and teachers
$75 buys new fine motor activities/materials/STEM activities
$100 buys a high quality ride on toy for outdoor play
$150 brings a performance to our classrooms
$175 buys a new bookshelf 
$400 buys an indoor climbing structure for the Lily Pad Lagoon
$500 buys a new outdoor shed or an outdoor shade structure
DCP teachers, staff, and families thank you for donations at any level, as we all work together to provide the very best childcare we can for our Durham community! 

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