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CWS Durham

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CWS welcomes refugees and immigrants from around the world into lives of freedom, hope, and opportunity in the Triangle. They connect new arrivals with community resources in order to meet their immediate needs and to promote long-term self-sufficiency. CWS-Durham provides clients with case management services, immigration legal services, English language classes, and assistance with employment.

I strongly believe in the cause of this organization and want to raise funds for the family reunification program.This program assists refugees and asylees who have seen their families torn apart by conflict. Some families are separated when a parent flees to a neighboring country, not wanting to risk bringing a spouse or children into a potentially dangerous future. Other times, very young or sick individuals are unable to make the journey.

A family from Eritrea reunited on Valentine's Day 2013.        

When an individual arrives in the US, CWS charges them only $50 to apply to bring their spouse and children to The United States. The actual cost for this service is $500 per case, and CWS relies on community support to make up this difference. Help me make more opportunities for families to build new lives together here in the Triangle Area.
See below, a video clip about refugee named Osman, a CWS-Durham client, who tells the story of his own journey from Darfur, Sudan to Durham, North Carolina. If you would like to help refugees like Osman bring their families to join them in safety here in the United States, please do make a donation. Any amount, big or small is welcome and will go a long way in helping this cause.

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