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CWS Durham

Raised: $775Remaining: $225

I volunteer at CWS because I fully believe in what the organization is doing. I support the holistic approach to resettlement and the programs that are offered to provide sustainable solutions for our clients.

Remember, we are a nation of immigrants. Diversity challenges us and helps us grow to be better humans. Let us do what we can to foster diversity.

Please consider donating to CWS. By donating $15 you could pay for one-week bus transit, $25 would purchase new bedding, $100 provides 20 hours of job training, and $250 covers the cost of one refugee citizenship application. We greatly appreciate any support that you can provide.

“CWS Durham welcomes refugees and immigrants from around the world into lives of freedom, hope, and opportunity in the Triangle. We work with community partners to educate the wider community, advocate for immigrant and refugee causes, and equip new refugees and immigrants for long-term success. …

We provide support for refugees from the day they set foot at RDU airport, walking with them through their first day of school, their journey to meet their career goals, and their applications to reunite with their families or become U.S. citizens! We do this through empowerment-focused case management services, English classes, employment placement and training, and immigration legal services.” -https://cwsrdu.org/

by Anonymous donated $25.00
Shenandoah N donated $100.00
Keely O donated $250.00
Catee and Ian M donated $100.00
by Anonymous donated $25.00
by Anonymous donated $250.00

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Great work!