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Beyond Fences

Raised: $25Remaining: $975

What we do:

Many under-served neighborhoods lack access to basic pet care resources. Beyond Fences works to fill that gap. We honor people’s love for their pets and proactively reach out to the community to build trusting relationships with families and make connections to keep people and pets happy, healthy and together. We believe that a lack of financial means does not equate to a lack of love for a pet, and we seek to spread this principle through a philosophy of understanding and non-judgment.

Beyond Fences takes a comprehensive approach to our work:

We deliver free services, supplies, information and support to people and their pets.

We work within the animal welfare field to bring attention to how poverty and structural inequity create obstacles to accessing affordable veterinary and pet wellness services.

We participate in and bring our experience to efforts addressing larger systemic issues on institutional discrimination and injustice.

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