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Independent Animal Rescue

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I am a volunteer with Independent Animal Rescue (IAR), fostering kittens and finding them homes.  
Independent Animal Rescue's mission is to rescue and provide safe and responsible care for homeless, abandoned, and abused animals. 
Summer 2018: enter Phoebe, a kitten who was found in a chicken coop with a neck wound from being attacked by the resident fowl. She was rescued by IAR volunteers and cleared to begin her foster journey.  She stayed with me for just two weeks before moving to her permanent foster home, and during that time left a lasting impression.  
Phoebe had a lot of firsts at my house. 
First introduction to the amazing buoyant properties of pillows. 
First window platform, which she required assistance to reach because of her tiny stature. 
First encounter with polka dots, which must have appeared to be moving targets.  
Phoebe was going to have a long, lovely life after being a "foster fail" at her permanent foster house.  But at the beginning of March 2019, she suffered a health setback that could not be repaired by emergency surgery.  She fought valiantly to survive, sweet as she could be right until the end.  And even though the outcome was certainly not what everyone hoped, IAR gave Phoebe the chance to survive (on two occasions!), and we are so grateful.
Please donate to IAR and help cover the costs of trying save the lives of other animals in need.  
In memory of Phoebe.  

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