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Welcome to Central Regional Hospital Volunteer Services fundraising page!

Central Regional Hospital

Raised: $25Remaining: $975

Central Regional Hospital Volunteer Services Department's mission is to enhance patient care for those living with acute mental illness through voluntary efforts. 

I invite you as a volunteer, friend, family member or friend-of-a-friend to join me in brightening a patient's day. 
No gift is too small. 
Your donation provides the following: 
$100        3 Christmas gifts-for hospitalized patients Christmas morning
$20          2 personal radios - for listening
$10          Fun items to cope while hospitalized- earphones, word searches, coloring books  
$5            5 stuffed animals -for our children to cuddle    

A brief snapshot of what your donation means to Central Regional Hospital patients:
When distributing items such as Bingo prizes, a special need or a Christmas gift to patients, they often ask  "Where did you get this?"  My reply is "From people who care about you."  A patient responded with  "Tell them thank you for me!" Thank you in advance for your support

Join me in supporting Central Regional Hospital Volunteer Services.  Thank you!

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